New PS4 Update Adds Remote Play To iOS; Here Are All The Changes

PS4 firmware update 6.50 is available now; here’s what it does.

How to use PS4 Remote Play from ANYWHERE in the World! (EASY Tutorial)

Ever wanted to stream your PS4 games with remote play while you’re sitting in the car? Or when your sitting in the McDonald’s that has a broken wifi network? Well, I have the solution for you. This method will allow you to do PS4 remote play from anywhere in the world (*must have a decent LTE connection). Hope this helps you out!

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How to Set Up PS4 Remote Play for iOS Devices

Sony’s 6.50 update for PlayStation 4 has introduced the Remote Play option for iOS devices. Watch this video to see how to set up this new feature to play PS4 games on your iPhone or iPad!

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